We are a group of concerned citizens, residents of Saint Simons Island, who care about the future of the island and want to do something to protect this wonderful place we call home.

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Why a municipality?

     Because the only alternative that the state of Georgia provides for a part of a county to control its own destiny is to incorporate into a municipality.  Townships, City lite, and other alternatives available in other states are not allowed in Georgia.  However, the state of Georgia does allow a municipality to directly provide only three services, while the county or another source provides the rest of the services such as fire and police.  In our case we would provide, Zoning, Roads, and Solid Waste Collection.  The county would provide the rest as they do now.


Didn't we vote on this already?

     Yes.  And the islands voted in favor by a wide margin.  The mainland voted against it.    Because the mainland outnumbers us by a vast amount, the vote lost in the overall county ballot.  Our congressmen fought against the idea for a variety of reasons.  We need to convince our senator and congressmen that they should stand behind our desire to be self governing.  This is the purpose of the petition.


What could a municipality do that the BOC cannot?

      The question should be what will a municipality do that the BOC has not done?  The answer is that an island municipality would consider the island first and fight the necessary battles to keep our island the paradise that it is.

Another layer of government?

      There is no extra layer.  We replace the county in doing certain things, not add an extra layer.   No duplication.  There would be no going though one government then another to get approvals.  We take over only the management of our growth, our roads, and our garbage collection.  The county stops providing these three services for the island.


A big city government?

      No, about 4 or 5 full time employees.

Who would be in the city council?

      Whoever we elect.  But we would be electing them, not the mainland, as is the practice now.


Isn’t this divisive?

      Do you think of yourself as living in Glynn County or on Saint Simons Island?  Are you “divisive” because you think that way?  From who's point of view is this divisive?  


What about tourism?

      Tourism is what keeps the island going.  If we don’t control the population density on the island, the resulting traffic jams and changing character of the island will kill the tourist industry here.  The BOC is not controlling this.  We need to take over this part of government.


Law suits?

      We have won three suits in the past.  The BOC doesn’t want to fight any more suits and approves development whenever a suit is mentioned.  A municipality will fight to control the character of the island.


Island Taxes?

      Because an island municipality would receive Hotel / Motel taxes instead of the mainland receiving these,  the island could run a substantial surplus if no moneys were transferred back to the county.  The county would continue to receive island property taxes property taxes, but would show a loss under that scenario.  In reality, in order to get backing to become a municipality the new municipality would need to transfer funds to the rest of the county and make it financially whole.  To do this, initially, municipal property taxes on the island would  have to be levied of a hundred bucks a year, or less than ten bucks a month on a half million dollar home.    This tax should decrease after the municipality was able to levy fees such as impact fees on new development which the county has not levied in the past.  There is no municipal property tax at all in new cities such as Peachtree Corners.  This would be our objective.  Is controlling our growth worth this to you?  You have to answer this one.


Taxes in Glynn County and Brunswick?

      Neither Glynn County nor Brunswick should experience any financial change or need to raise taxes if we are willing to pay to take over managing our growth and make them whole.