We are a group of concerned citizens, residents of Saint Simons Island, who care about the future of the island and want to do something to protect this wonderful place we call home.

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Whether or not you agree that a municipality is a good idea,

we should be able to vote on it.


Costs to Glynn County

  • If negotiated properly, Glynn County should have no financial change due to the island becoming a municipality.

  •  The Glynn County Board of Commissioners (BOC) Study:
    • In 2016 Glynn County commissioned a study to determine the financial impact creating an island municipality would have on the county
      • The results of this study show that if the revenues from certain taxes which the new municipality would legally be allowed to collect, are transferred to the county, the county would not be financially affected by the island becoming a municipality.  
      • The county study shows that if the county did not negotiate with the new municipality  transfer the revenues from these taxes collected by the municipality to the county, the county would lose revenues and the municipality would run a significant surplus. 
      • We think it unlikely that the county BOC would be such bad negotiators
      • Some members of the Board of Commissioners have used that premise however, as a talking point about why a municipality should not be created on the island, saying that the county would have to raise property taxes to collect lost revenues if an island municipality were created.  This is not true and THIS IS NOT WHAT WE HAVE PROPOSED!  ---- Based on what we have proposed, the county would not lose money.  No county taxes would have to be increased, and an intergovernmental agreement between the municipality and the county would keep the county solvent without a tax increase.

  • What we do propose:

    • It is our intention to create an intergovernmental agreement with the county in which the county would continue to provide to the municipality most of the services they have provided in the past. 

    • We would need to transfer some of the taxes we could collect as a municipality to the county in exchange for providing these services.  The BOC study illustrates which taxes could be transferred to county collection, allowing the county to break even.

For island residents to control island development, our Ga. State Senate and House Representatives will need to present and pass a bill at the state level, subject to our later vote, creating an island municipality.


Not until they do this can we vote on whether or not we are willing to take on this responsibility.