We are a group of concerned citizens, residents of Saint Simons Island, who care about the future of the island and want to do something to protect this wonderful place we call home.

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Whether or not you agree that a municipality is a good idea,

we should be able to vote on it.


State of Georgia Requirements:

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  • The state of Georgia has eliminated the prospect of creating a “City Lite” which would control only limited services offered to it's citizens.

  • However, the state does allow a municipality to sign intergovernmental agreements with other governments such as Glynn County to arrange for the provision of all the services needed by the residents of the municipality not directly managed by the municipality.  This effectively creats the same end result as a "City Lite" with the new municipality only actively managing zoning, roads, and garbage collection and having a very small footprint.

  • To protect from possible bad provision of outside services, the state requires that a municipality must “retain the ability” to actually manage all services provided, as in any full service city.

  • The state requres that a municipality does control, at a minimum, three services.

  • While any member of the state legislature can present a bill creating a municipality, the practical reality is that both the local Senate and House Representatives must favor the bill, or it will be rejected.  This happened in 2016, when our local representatives (including current house representative, Jeff Jones) stopped the most recent attempt at our becoming a municipality.

  • The state allows only specific language in a bill when creating a municipality.  This language refers to the process of creating a municipality as “incorporating.”

  • The state committee which oversees bills creating municipalities would not allow the entire county to vote on us becoming a municipality.  Only those living in the proposed new municipality could vote.  Otherwise, a county could carve out a municipality against the wishes of those living there.   Our legislators know this.   But, as an excuse to stop us from voting, our legislators have said that if they did bring up a municipality for a vote, the entire county would have to vote on it.  This is not possible, but that is one excuse of our legislators for not allowing us to vote.

For island residents to control island development, our Ga. State Senate and House Representatives will need to present and pass a bill at the state level, subject to our later vote, creating an island municipality.


Not until they do this can we vote on whether or not we are willing to take on this responsibility.