We are a group of concerned citizens, residents of Saint Simons Island, who care about the future of the island and want to do something to protect this wonderful place we call home.

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Whether or not you agree that a municipality is a good idea,

we should be able to vote on it.


There is a Need for Change:

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  • We feel that, while the island's growth has always been controlled by those living on the mainland, that it is time for this to change.  County "symbiosis" and "We have always done it this way" has gotten us into the mess we are in now.

  • We believe that the future character of the island will be better served by those who live on the island than by the Glynn County Board of Commissioners (BOC), who have been in control to date.

  • The growth of the Island should be managed by those who live here: 

    • We feel that the management of the growth of the island has been done poorly in the past.
    • The Glynn County Board of Commissioners (BOC) has controlled the management of the growth of the island in the past and is only represented by one member (of the seven on the BOC) elected by those living on the island.
    • In contrast, the members of a city council, managing island growth, would be elected exclusively by those who live on the island, and could be replaced by an island only vote.
    • We believe that management of the island is currently overly influenced by some key business owners (some who don't even live on the island) who profit from highly dense development of the island at the expense of the character of the island.

    • We believe that, because the primary business of the island is related to tourism, most businesses on the island will benefit by maintaining the character of the island.

    • We feel that the concept that the island's tourist reputation somehow benefits from being seen as part of Glynn County, instead of standing on its own as a destination, is a false narrative.

    • We are disappointed that those who currently manage the growth of the island and those who oppose the island becoming a municipality have disseminated false "facts" and propaganda regarding tax effects and "layers of government," should the island become a municipality.

    • Our beliefs are based on the past history of the Glynn County Board of Commissioners (BOC) actions and their constant sporadic rezoning of the island over the past several decades.

For island residents to control island development, our Ga. State Senate and House Representatives will need to present and pass a bill at the state level, subject to our later vote, creating an island municipality.


Not until they do this can we vote on whether or not we are willing to take on this responsibility.