We are a group of concerned citizens, residents of Saint Simons Island, who care about the future of the island and want to do something to protect this wonderful place we call home.

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Whether or not you agree that a municipality is a good idea,

we should be able to vote on it.

What would a Municipality look like?


  • Not another layer of government 

    • Let us be clear, the island municipality would not be another layer of government.

    • The municipality would replace the county in the process of zoning, not add to it.     

    • Glynn County would continue to provide most of the services it now provides with no overlap from the municipality in providing these services. 

    • The municipality would replace certain functions the county now has control of, not insert another layer of government.  

  • Services Provided by an Island Municipality:

    • The state of Georgia requires that a Municipality directly manage a minimum of three services provided in the municipality.

    • The municipality would directly provide: Planning and Zoning, Road Maintenance, and Solid Waste Disposal services

    • The municipality would sign an intergovernmental agreement with Glynn County to arrange for the county to continue to provide all other services, which the county now provides, in the future.

    • General business of the municipality would be handled by a city manager.

    • Zoning and ordinance control would be decided by a city council elected by the population of the island, not the mainland.


  • Governmental structure of an Island Municipality:

    • Many other areas in Georgia have become municipalities in the last few years, allowing us to not have to reinvent the wheel as we become a municipality.  We could model our municipality on the example of Peachtree Corners, Georgia, which directly provides the same services which we are proposing.

    • Peachtree Corners has:

      • A city council who provide direction and authority in the matters of zoning

      • A weak mayor

      • A city manager who manages a staff responsible for zoning oversight and the day to day affairs of Peachtree Corners. 

      • Peachtree Corners has four full time employees.

For island residents to control island development, our Ga. State Senate and House Representatives will need to present and pass a bill at the state level, subject to our later vote, creating an island municipality.


Not until they do this can we vote on whether or not we are willing to take on this responsibility.